Are you one of my kind? One of those who enjoys a short break in a village near their place? Close enough not to spend more hours driving than relaxing, but far enough to remind us that we are on vacation.

This year you will have to re-invent yourself, we ALL have to re-invent ourselves.

What I mean is, if you had imagined yourself this summer on an cruise, sailing from the port of Miami to explore every corner of the Bahamas and drinking mojitos until you tinted green, maybe it's time to admit that it won't happen! Stop this world eating for 2021.

This year is a time to discover those corners closer to home.

Those you always postpone because the idea of a cruise was always more appealing. It's the right time and you have the perfect excuse to experience that charming town your grandparents told you about.

Because every crisis can be transformed into an opportunity.

Holiday accommodations, whether it's a hotel, a house, an apartment or a campsite, have already been reinvented.

How? I'll show you:

1- Offering extra sanitary and safety measures.

Better to prevent than to cure. By cleaning and disinfecting each accommodation thoroughly following a cleaning procedure.

On our side, we will provide hand sanitizers and masks to our guests. We will also inform them of the measures to be taken to make their stay pleasant and carefree.

2-Adjusting the Minimum Stay Policy

How many times have found the perfect accommodation for a weekend and encountered a 'This accommodation has a minimum stay of 7 nights'? When inland tourism is re-activated gradually it will encourage short breaks. What could be better than setting a policy of a minimum stay of 2 nights?

3-Actualizing the prices according to the economic situation.

I can't go to Sitges, have you seen the rates?

The purchasing powers of many of us will have dropped, why don't we think of offers so that we can all enjoy the next Bank holiday?

4-Partnering with local businesses.

Every time I travel I spend an entire afternoon visiting the local shops. This is why I suggest making an alliance with local businesses and local shops so that our guests can enjoy the local products. It's all a win-win!

5-Social networks are today our best friend.

This is nothing new, but why not remember it? This is nothing new, but why not remember it? We post for everyone, for mine, for yours and for our neighbors. No one can say they didn't hear about it.

Because we are already arranging it all to receive you. May these times remain in our memory as that moment when our thinking took a turn. It brought us closer to our neighbours, offered us new opportunities, discovered new ways to enjoy ourselves. Because no matter what the destination, all we want is to eat the world after a well-deserved vacation

5 benefits of relaxing by the sea

Why a weekend in Sitges will improve your health

Listen the sound of the waves blending in with the beach. Feel the gentle warmth of the sand under our feet. Or witness the cool evening air kissing the warm afternoon sun goodbye as a reminder that it's time for a cool beer. Mmm, tastes better by the sea. Because EVERYTHING tastes better by the sea.

The waves crashing and the soft sounds they produce give us a peaceful feeling and calm our minds. This improves our performance because it enhances our tranquility. Anxiety also decreases so we are ready to be more productive.

Walking on the sand barefoot stimulates the nerve endings and strengthens out feet muscles.

It is said that the fresh and salty air from the coast improves our ability to breathe.

If we enjoy all of this throughout the day, sun exposure provides our organism with vitamin D, which is essential for calcium absorption and building strong bones. Not to mention the endorphins that are released by being under the sun for a short period of time.

If you are not already convinced that enjoying a weekend in Sitges is what you need, perhaps the mountains are your thing. Be warned, in Sitges we know a lot about mountains and walks in the woods too!

There is no excuse, we are looking forward to seeing you in Sitges!


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