I'm Agustina Lagos.

My greatest conviction is that a vacation is always worthwhile. We should never postpone them, there are no excuses for not enjoying a few days off. Whether it's a weekend or a whole month, in a beachfront apartment or in a small studio in the city. We all need to unwind, feel the sea breeze, smell fresh flowers, and disconnect from our daily lives. Recharge our batteries and come home wanting to eat the world again.

Because if we don't, we'll slowly fade away. We become that fire that took us so long to start, and that sooner than we expected turned into a little spark.

Good news: With just that one spark, we can start a fire that everyone will be jealous of. 

I'm your very first step towards that.

My first trip was when I was 21, backpack on my shoulder. Short on money, long on time. More trips followed. And so, without realizing it... I learned everything I needed to know.

As a child I was very shy, so shy that I was embarrassed to even say hello. Ironically, I studied Hotel Management, a field where interpersonal relationships are crucial. And so my life took a new turn. 

I learnt to anticipate the guests' needs, to appreciate that their holidays are sacred and I discovered that we each deserve a holiday when both body and mind are at odds with each other.

Today EMPATHY is my strongest virtue.

I enjoy it like a child when I welcome my guests. They all have something to share, they all arrive with a very contagious smile as soon as they walk through the door.

By working in tourism, I move like a fish in water.

I've been working in the hotel industry for 23 years, and 6 years ago I decided that my career needed a change of direction. With my experience as a guest and a tourist I could provide my clients with unforgettable experiences.

Today I rent out holiday accommodations in Sitges in a responsible and respectful manner. My recipe is personal, homemade, close and authentic. I take great care of my guests as much as the owners who trust me their properties.

Because the expectations one has when travelling are always very high. And I try to live up to them. You deserve to disconnect, enjoy a good rest and have fun.

If you are an owner I can help you with the management of your holiday rentals; or if you need a break in Sitges I can offer you accommodation to recharge your batteries so that you can eat up the world again.

Contact me and I will tell you all I can do for you. Because we all deserve to enjoy our free time.


1-I studied English Philology and English Teaching (besides Hotel Management)

2-I'm very lousy at sports, but I play them all. My new hobby is yoga.

3-My best friend is my dog Bruna, she comes with me to (almost) anywhere.

4-I enjoy the natural environment. If you invite me for a walk in the mountains with the dogs, I'm in, NOW!

5-I am an early bird. 

Agustina Lagos

This is me, I'm the one behind SitgesNow.

I do it all: confirm reservations, greet guests, monitor cleaning and laundry, assist all guests...Personalized service? Of course!

How can I help you?

If you can't manage your holiday rentals,

If you need a few days off and would like to book a place in Sitges,

Or if you just need to ask me a question, you can fill in this form or contact me by email at:


or by phone at +34 603 690 394

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Call me back

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